Package bosco :: Module util :: Class RankingFileOptionParser
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Class RankingFileOptionParser

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optparse.OptionContainer --+        
       optparse.OptionParser --+    
             RankingOptionParser --+

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parse_args(args : [string] = sys.argv[1:], values : Values = None) -> (values : Values, args : [string])
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parse_args(args : [string] = sys.argv[1:],
           values : Values = None)
-> (values : Values, args : [string])

Parse the command-line options found in 'args' (default:
sys.argv[1:]).  Any errors result in a call to 'error()', which
by default prints the usage message to stderr and calls
sys.exit() with an error message.  On success returns a pair
(values, args) where 'values' is an Values instance (with all
your option values) and 'args' is the list of arguments left
over after parsing options.

Overrides: optparse.OptionParser.parse_args
(inherited documentation)