Recent changes to this wiki:

Use clock_timestamp instead of NOW() for log
The SQL NOW() function returns the same time for every invocation during
a transaction. This leads to entries in the log table not having the
correct time of the change and not being picked up by the
TriggerEventObserver, because they appear to be older than they actually
are. Using clock_timestamp fixes this by returning the actual time at
function execution.
Unfortunately this is a PostgreSQL extension and not part of the SQL
Correct country names
Some country names contained NULL in the name because of a failed
Add country list to the database layout
This fills the country table with the country names from ISO 3166 (taken
from the Debian package iso-codes) and the IOC 3 letter country codes
Because some countries and territories in ISO 3166 do not have a
corresponding IOC code the code3 and code2 columns may be NULL.
Add fields from the SOLV runner database
This adds some fields present in the SOLV runner database to the Runner
class. It also introduces new classes to represent Countries and Clubs.
fix db layout type
A typo in the default value specification of given_name and surname
prevented the correct creation of the database.
Edit function for runner properties
Runner properties are now editable in the EditRunPanel. To allow easier
editing given_name and surname now default to ''. This makes it possible
to create "empty" Runners. Only the basic properties name, dateofbirth,
number and team are editable due to space restrictions in the GUI. Later
additional dialogs to enter full runner details and to add new teams
coudl be added.
rename db-design.dia to bosco_db.dia
Start and Finish are properties of a run and not punches
Start, Finish, Readout time and Clear time were handled as special
punches. This proved to be inefficient and error prone. The SI Card does
not allow multiple start or finish times. So it's more natural to move
these properties to the Run class.
add 'cheat-sheet' for the 24h relay 2008 in Switzerland
This document gives an overview over how certain special cases were
handeld at this event. Sorry this is only available in german.
Add link to GIT repository to the webpage
skeleton for the website homepage
fix small docu typo
document preriquisites for running bosco
initial minimal "documentation"
This is the start of a docuemtation website.
drop index idx_run_course_sicard
Multiple runs with the same course and
sicard are needed to autmatically find a validating run
Big Database changes
Sorry, no single commit for these changes. This
will make the db-design and the code differ until
all coresponding code changes are commited
- add trigger functions for TriggerEventObserver
- add card_punchtime and manual_punchtime
- add punch sequence from card
add override types (disq, ok, ...) to team and run
override is an int and has the same values as
If the validation result is overriden a new key
'override' is added to the result and set to True
add overrride for run, control, team and runner
- convert SequenceCourseValidationStrategy to LCS
add unique index on run for sicard,course
This avoids having the same run twice in the database.
Delete old runs first if you want to overwrite a run.
add unique index on run,sistation,punchtime
This avoids duplicates of the same punch in the database.
add unique index to category names
change team responsible from 'not null' to null
The team responsible is not necessary for the correct
functioning of the software. Make it non mandatory.
- implement basic ranking functions
- some more changes to the db design
- converted dia file to unzipped xml
- various database updates (sorry for the bad commit message)
modifications at KOK4
requirements for the 24h OL relay in 2008
first diagram of db design
add course table to db design
- overview of needed modules
- overview of what each module needs to do
first notes on the database design